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Writing a Winning CV Even Without Work Experience

Are you ready to embark on your career journey but find yourself facing the classic catch-22 situation of needing experience to gain experience? You're not alone! Many job seekers, especially recent graduates, may feel daunted by the prospect of creating a standout CV when they don't have a wealth of professional experience to showcase.

But fret not! Your life experiences and transferable skills can serve as powerful tools to craft an impressive CV. In this blog post, we'll explore how to leverage your unique background to write a CV without work experience and introduce you to our valuable tool, Clu, to uncover your hidden skills.

1. Start with a Strong Personal Statement

Your CV should begin with a captivating personal statement that sums up your goals, passion, and what makes you unique. Even without formal work experience, you can draw from your personal life to craft an engaging introduction. For instance:

  • "I am a dedicated and proactive recent graduate with a keen interest in environmental sustainability. Having taken charge of organising fundraising events for our student union and leading my university's green initiative, I am keen to further develop my skills in project management, sustainable business practices and team coordination."

2. Highlight Your Learning Achievements

Your education and training is a valuable asset, especially if you've excelled academically or participated in relevant training or extracurricular activities. Mention any relevant coursework or academic projects that demonstrate your skills. For example:

  • "I completed a research project on consumer behaviour, demonstrating strong analytical skills and an ability to draw data-driven conclusions."

  • "I wanted to ensure I had a solid foundation in digital skills, so completed two online courses demonstrating my proactive approach to learning and desire to always be improving my subject expertise."

3. Showcase Any Volunteering or Community Involvement

Volunteering and community involvement can be a goldmine of transferable skills. If you've participated in any volunteer work, highlight it on your CV, and emphasise the skills you've gained. For example:

  • "I have been volunteering at a local animal shelter since I was made redundant because I wanted to continue working, even if not in my chosen sector. My strong empathy, teamwork, resilience and adaptability skills came in very useful and I also gained more people management experience as I was made a leader of a team of volunteers after 4 weeks."

4. Emphasise Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are just as important as technical skills in showing an employer you'd be great for a job. Use Clu to identify your skills profile, then update your CV to showcase your skills abilities. Think about instances where you've had to put these skills to use in your everyday life. Example:

  • "As a team captain for my local cricket club, I honed my leadership, collaboration and communication skills, leading the team to victory in several tournaments."

  • "As a youth leader in my local church, I developed strong communication, proactivity and time management skills as well as foundational event management and marketing skills. This is because I was responsible for scheduling and communicating upcoming events for the young people in our congregation."

5. Discover Your Skills Profile with Clu

One fantastic way to get better at understanding and articulating your technical, transferable, behavioural and systems skills is by using the Clu platform. Clu is a easy to use tool that helps you identify your strengths, even if you don't have formal work experience. By answering a series of questions and self-assessments, Clu creates a personalised skills profile for you and makes recommendations for employers hiring based on your skills.

Once you have your skills profile, you can use this information to tailor your CV to match the jobs you're applying for. For example, if Clu identifies your strengths as teamwork, problem-solving, and communication, you can use these skills to create compelling CV bullet points:

  • "Excelled in group projects, demonstrating strong teamwork skills by working effectively with diverse team members to achieve project goals."

  • "Solved complex academic challenges by utilising critical thinking and problem-solving skills, consistently achieving top grades."

  • "Participated in public speaking events, effectively communicating ideas to large audiences."

6. Tailor Your CV for Each Job Application

Finally, remember that no one-size-fits-all CV exists. Tailor your CV for each job type you're applying for (e.g. have a CV for sales jobs and a CV for marketing jobs) by highlighting the skills that align with the specific job requirements. Use keywords from the job description to make your CV even more appealing to potential employers.

A lack of formal work experience is not a barrier to creating an impressive CV. Your life experiences and transferable skills are invaluable assets that can help you stand out to potential employers.

Use the Clu platform to uncover your skills profile, and don't be afraid to let your unique qualities shine in your CV. With a well-crafted document, you'll be well on your way to landing that dream job. Good luck with your job search!


At Clu, we're helping you find the right job, faster. Our product is the smartest way to discover jobs you'd be great at. Use your skills to find your next role at an inclusive and exciting company by signing up through our website.


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