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Getting into the Music Industry: Expert Insights from the Talent Team at PRS for Music

Are you dreaming of a career in the music industry but unsure where to start?

Whether you're a fresh graduate, a self-taught musician, or someone who's never considered a job in music because you didn’t think you’d ever break-in, this blog is your guide.

The talent team at PRS for Music, leaders in music rights management, offer expert advice on how to break into this vibrant industry.  

 Understanding the Diverse Opportunities in Music  

The music industry is vast, encompassing roles that cater to a wide array of skills and interests. There's a place for everyone, from creative positions like songwriting and concert artwork to technical roles in sound engineering and production. Importantly, many roles in the industry are not dependent on formal qualifications. Jobs in areas such as music promotion, rights management, and event coordination often value practical experience and the right skills over academic credentials.  


Clu’d Up employer PRS for Music is committed to fostering talent from all backgrounds, opening doors to careers that many might not have considered possible. Let’s hear about how your transferable skills can unlock a music career. 

 Crafting Your Application: Insights from the Inside  

Jay Thompson, Director of Talent, Culture, and Experience at PRS for Music, emphasises the importance of highlighting your skills alongside your passion: "In your application, it's crucial to convey not just your enthusiasm but also the practical knowledge and competencies you bring to the table. Share your story and experiences and how they have influenced your development but ensure you show us how this has grown your skillset.” 


When preparing your CV, remember that experience comes in many forms. Volunteer work at festivals, playing in a school band, or even organising local events can be valuable experiences that develop your transferrable skill set.  


Help us understand where you’ve developed your skills and how you want to develop them in your next role. This tells us about your curiosity and growth mindset – things that your education and professional background don’t. We love applicants who have developed tangible skills – especially if they’ve had to be creative about it. Just help us understand how.” Jay continued.

Your Skills Are What Make You Unique 

In the music industry, your skill set can be your ticket in. Skills in digital marketing, video editing, graphic design, or even coding can open roles in marketing, digital content creation, music production and many other areas.

Image is a quote from Head of Talent & Inclusion at PRS for Music, Janeace Thompson. It reads: Show us what you can do, and more importantly, how what you can do can help move music forward. In your application, highlight projects or tasks you've undertaken that demonstrate your skills in action. A well-crafted portfolio can sometimes speak louder than a CV.

Getting into the Music Industry: A Path for Everyone  

 Breaking into the music industry might seem impossible if you don’t know where to start, but it's a journey filled with possibilities. With the right mix of passion, skills, and the willingness to immerse yourself in music, you can find your place.   


PRS for Music is committed to supporting emerging talent, offering a platform for those passionate about shaping the future of music. If you've ever dreamed of a music career, now is the time to take that step. Let your skills lead the way.  


Log in to Clu to see open roles at PRS for Music and follow them for tailored career updates today.  

Image is a button which reads: Find my dream role at PRS for Music.


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