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What are employers looking for in your applications?

When you're looking for a job, employers will often assess you on your ability to demonstrate a mix of different types of skills. These skills are made up of transferable skills and technical skills.

  • Transferable skills are also called soft skills. These are the type you pick up through life experiences like creativity, inclusive leadership or communication.

  • Technical skills, also called hard skills, are necessary for specific jobs and are gained through work, learning or training.

Until the launch of Clu, organisations haven't readily provided candidates insight into which technical and transferable skills they are looking for. And it's often difficult to decipher what are the most critical skills an organisation is looking for from a job specification. To help you understand the main requirements of the most common roles you'll find on Clu, we've analysed thousands of job adverts and collated the most common job requirements for you below. Enjoy! _______________________

Admin & IT Support:

Executive & Personal Assistants:

- Manage rapidly changing priorities, and stay focused on the highest leverage tasks

- Resourceful problem-solver and have a way of making the improbable happen

- Excellent communication skills.

- Equally comfortable supporting an external client meeting or having a chat by the coffee machine

- Strong organisational skills with high attention to detail (e.g. arranging meetings, travel, logistics)

- Work effectively with a variety of stakeholders with high emotional intelligence

Accounts & Payroll:


IT Support:


Data Analysis & BI:

- Problem solving and analytical skills: can understand a problem, break it down and execute to provide the answer

- Experience with BI tools (e.g. Looker, Tableau, Mixpanel, Google Analytics)

- Work with large datasets (e.g. using Excel, SQL, Python, R)

- Synthesise data to drive actionable insights for Product and Operations teams

- Clearly communicate analysis to stakeholders at different levels (internal and external)

Data Engineer:

Data Scientist:

Research Engineer:


Graphic Design:

- Work with design software (especially Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects)

- Communicate the rationale behind your designs

- Manage projects from end-to-end and manage changing demands

- Focus on customers and how they respond to the brand

- Think creatively and influence stakeholders to support your ideas

- Work with engineers to deliver email and web design (knowledge of HTML is a bonus)

Product Design (UI/UX):

Research Design


Backend engineer:

- Write software at scale (most commonly in Python, Go, Java, Ruby, JavaScript)

- Understand trade-offs between business impact and technical robustness

- Work with modern cloud architectures (e.g. AWS and GCP)

- Articulate what you're working on and why in a clear and structured way

- Advocate for clean code and best practices

- Strong understanding of system design, data structures and algorithms

DevOps & Infrastructure:

Engineering Management:

Frontend Engineer:

Full-stack Engineer:

Mobile Engineer:

QA & Testing Engineer:

Sales & Solutions Engineer:

Security Engineer:

Finance, Legal & Compliance:

Accounting & Financial Planning

- Have, or working towards, an accountancy qualification (e.g. ACA, CPA, CIMA)

- Methodical and organised, with great attention to detail and ability to multitask

- Implement and develop financial processes (e.g. monthly reconciliation)

- Analyse data to extract insights and present clear business cases (e.g. financial KPIs)

- Quantitative, analytical and problem-solving skills (e.g. financial modelling)


Corporate Finance:



Content Marketing:

- Knowledge of what makes great storytelling across all digital channels

- Exceptional verbal and written communication skills

- Creative thinker who can translate strategic and marketing needs into campaigns (direct response concepts, direct mail and email marketing)

- Online and social media fluency (e-commerce, websites, blogs, etc.)

- Multitask, adapt and prioritise under tight deadlines

- Understanding of digital publishing and SEO


Marketing Management:

Performance Marketing:

PR & Communications:

Product Marketing:

Social Media & Community

People, Talent Acquisition & HR:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:

- Create, deliver and drive the organisations progress in areas focused on underrepresented communities

- Work across multiple projects and departments to implement EDI best practice

- Manage and coach stakeholders at all levels to become inclusive leaders

- Create and work with Employee Resource Groups to ensure all employee voices are heard in decision making

- Create and report on department progress metrics across the organisation

Generalist Human Resources:

People Experience:

People Operations:

Talent Acquisition - General:

Talent Acquisition - Technical:



Product Analyst:

- Work cross-functionally to make a clear business case and convince people to help you execute

- Track analytics with tools (e.g. Google Analytics, Mixpanel and Looker)

- Distill and explain complex problems and analyses in simple terms

- Data-driven approach to test hypotheses and glean user insights

- Analytical and quantitative skills (e.g. revenue forecasts, pricing models)

- Bias to solving problems and taking ownership

Product Management:

User Research:

Sales & Operations:

Customer Service & Support:

- Great verbal, written and general communication skills. Able to communicate complex concepts simply

- Motivated to solve customer issues and have empathy when dealing with sensitive situations

- Organised, process-driven and comfortable working to tight deadlines

- Experience using live chat software (e.g. Intercom), and CRM tools (e.g. Zendesk)

- Maintain a positive and professional demeanour in challenging situations

- Interest in learning new things and comfortable working in a changing environment

Customer Success & Accounts:

Enterprise Sales:

Operations Manager & Strategy:


Sales & Business Development:


At Clu, we're helping you find the right job, faster. Our product is the smartest way to discover jobs you'd be great at. Use your skills to find your next role at an inclusive and exciting company by signing up through our website.


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