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How to avoid job search burnout

Looking for a job can be exhausting. Unless you're applying for roles through Clu, you need to be constantly on different job sites, constantly updating your CV, writing cover letters, completing application questionnaires, all whilst trying to stay upbeat and positive about the next step in your career. We get it.

So what steps can you take to avoid job search burnout? Below are 6 simple steps:

1) Maintain visibility: make sure you are connecting with recruiters and hiring managers in your target companies on LinkedIn as well as keeping your public profiles up to date and authentically you.

2) Schedule informal meetings: seek out more senior people in the organisations you want to work for and ask them if they'd be interested in having a virtual coffee to tell you what it's like to work there. It could be a great way to get referred to the hiring manager.

3) Evaluate your career path: if you're not having success getting interviews, have a think about the skills those companies are looking for and if you have them yet or not. It could be that you're not looking for the right jobs for you.

4) Sequencing is key: you can't be looking for jobs, all hours of every day. It is not sustainable. Block out time to execute specific tasks. E.g. Monday night, research companies, Tuesday night, check for open roles, Wednesday morning, reach out to some hiring managers etc...

5) Be strategic: there are millions of people looking for work and millions of companies hiring. Focus on what jobs will give you the most satisfaction in companies that resonate best with your values. Check tools like GlassDoor or Clu to see how companies commit to EDI and ESGs.

6) Get more from your time: use Clu to find your next role. We only present you with roles that match the skills you have, and because we know more about you, you won't need to worry about your CV or cover letter again.


At Clu, we're helping you find the right job faster. Our product is the smartest way to discover jobs you'd be great at. Use your skills to find your next role at an inclusive and exciting company by signing up through our website.


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