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10 great jobs for introverts

If like me you are an introvert, the lockdown was quite blissful, not to mention more productive. So as the world returns to normal, maybe you've been thinking about how you can apply your skills to other professions that will enable you to still enjoy the working style that works best for you.

If this sounds like you, you probably have an introverted personality. The best jobs for introverts tend to be roles with limited human interaction and work environments with plenty of quiet spaces to concentrate.

Being an introvert won't limit someone's ability to perform well in their role and there are plenty of jobs for shy people! However, it can be beneficial to be aware of your preferences as an introvert to maximize your abilities and foster your well-being in your job. Read on to discover some of the best introvert careers!

Asian man working on computer

Software QA Tester jobs: Good for people who are detail-oriented, like trying to break things and have a passion for technology

A young woman edits a video on her computer

Editor jobs: Good for creatives who enjoy revising and coordinating content and have excellent attention to detail.

an accountant works on his laptop

Auditor jobs: Good for people who enjoy solving problems, doing detective work, and working in finance.

an IT manager checks hardware

IT Manager jobs: Good for people who enjoy problem-solving, working independently and are detail-oriented.

a young bearded man looks to camera smiling

Graphic Designer jobs: Good for creative, consistent people who can handle criticism from others.

a young woman in a black blazer working on her laptop

Digital journalist jobs: Good for people with strong writing skills, self-discipline, and an extensive vocabulary.

a black man in a blue shirt is turned towards the camera in his desk chair

Software Engineering jobs: Good for detail-oriented, independent people with a passion for the craft.

a woman wearing glasses is on a phone call doing calculations

Accountant jobs: Good for efficient people who are highly organized and skilled with numbers.

a man in a white shirt is working on his laptop

Administrative jobs: Good for multitaskers who enjoy processes and larger-scale project management. Must have close attention to detail.

a young woman is walking out of an office holding designs and she looks happy

UX/UI Designer jobs: Good for creative, consistent people who can handle criticism from others and enjoy working at pace.


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