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Digital Skills: Reimagine Your Career




3 weeks

About the Course

Discover the future of work and the role of digital technology

On this course, you’ll learn how technology is impacting the way we work and how you can prepare for the changes ahead. You’ll also look at why a growth mindset and skills such as problem-solving and emotional intelligence are so essential.

As you work your way through this course, you’ll develop your technical understanding, build your skills in key areas, and prepare for a more digitally focused work environment.

Explore the importance of a growth mindset for the world of work

A growth mindset, the belief that we can develop our skills through hard work and dedication, is a central part of success in an increasingly digital workplace. Here, you’ll find out why it’s so essential and how you can develop your growth mindset to future-proof your career.

You’ll also discover some of the skills that can help you and your career reach their full potential.

Develop your understanding of the digital workplace

In today’s working world, there are a number of key skills and competencies you’ll need to master. With this course, you’ll learn about the dynamic mix of skills that can help you succeed in the modern workplace and into the future.

Develop your problem-solving and emotional intelligence skills

As you develop your technical understanding, you’ll build skills that are important in today’s digital economy, such as communication, problem-solving, emotional intelligence and growth mindset skills.

You’ll learn about job applications and the virtual world of work, and create a career action plan to set and maintain your goals. This will help you to enter and progress in today’s workforce with success.

What topics will you cover?

  • The impact of digital technology on the working world

  • The meaning of a growth mindset and how you can develop one

  • A dynamic mix of skills that can help you to succeed in today’s workplace

  • The meaning and importance of problem-solving and emotional intelligence skills

  • Tools and techniques to develop these skill areas and identify your own transferrable skills

  • Steps to prepare for job applications and today’s world of work

  • How to create and maintain a career action plan

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • Explain how technology is changing the way we work and the opportunities and challenges this brings

  • Describe the meaning of a growth mindset

  • Identify how to develop your own growth mindset to navigate these changes and reach your full potential

  • Identify the skills critical for success in a digital workplace

  • Demonstrate an understanding of in-demand skills such as problem solving and emotional intelligence

  • Identify the tools and techniques you can use to develop these skill areas and identify your transferrable skills

  • Understand the steps you can take to prepare for the job application and onboarding process

  • Create and maintain an action plan for your career moving forward

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone looking to understand how tech has changed many industries and job roles. Those seeking to develop the skills that can help us to better prepare for these changes, and how we can navigate the next steps in our career journey, will also benefit. This course is for those who are preparing to re-enter the workforce, re-skill or looking to change jobs or careers.

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